HostGator Yahoo Blacklist issue is several years old. Though majority of the issues are sorted out via CEO level interactions between HostGator and Yahoo, the problem still occurs sporadically for certain HostGator accounts.

When you try to send mails to a Yahoo email address via the HostGator SMTP server the mail bounces with a one of the standard error messages. However, there is absolutely no issue with sending mails to gMail, Hotmail etc.

HostGator Yahoo Mail Issue Solution

This problem happens because Yahoo had blacklisted a number of HostGator servers due to spam issues. The solution to the problem is to get this ban lifted by Yahoo via the following steps:

(1) You can first browse the HostGator Support portal for your exact issue and possible solutions there in:

(2) Secondly, you can try submitting a ticket by sending a mail to and HostGator will take it forward from that point.

(3) If you don’t get a solution from HostGator, you may directly contact the Yahoo PostMaster Help. Please keep in mind that Yahoo’s customer support is not that great either and hence it may take some time.

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