When it comes to entry level Shared Hosting solutions, it’s common to compare between HostGator and Go Daddy’s services. Let us find out which shared hosting is better and why?

We have used at least four hosting services before hosting all our sites (including this one) on HostGator. The following are some of the reasons why picked HostGator ahead of GoDaddy and others.

Uptime: Most hosting services offer 99.9% uptime and this is more or less true in the case of both HostGator and GoDaddy

Site Load Time: We saw that GoDaddy servers (especially Databases) lag a bit more than HostGator and clearly HostGator is the winner here.

cPanel vs Custom Control Panel: One of the biggest reason to go for HostGator is their cPanel frontend that makes managing your website(s) a breeze. GoDaddy on the other hand uses their custom control panel. Since most of the hosting industry uses the cPanel, if you switch between hosts, it makes things easier with cPanel.

Pricing: GoDaddy is a dash cheaper with entry level hosting plans and hence the winner on that front. Please note that there’s no significant difference though.

Customer Support: This is where HostGator is a winner again. The award winning Hostgator Customer Support not only provides phone and email support but also Chat support for their International customers. This makes things a lot easier and faster and we have proved our decision of going with HostGator RIGHT time and again.

Overall, when it comes to Hosting services (shared web hosting) we vouch by HostGator. And the life gets even better with our Max HostGator Coupon Codes.

Of course, when it comes to domain registration, probably GoDaddy wins over HostGator Domain Registration as the latter costs $15 per year where as GoDaddy would do the same job for under $10. But then, if you want good quality shared hosting, go with HostGator!

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