HostGator VPS Hosting is for those blogs and websites that get thousands of visitors per day but cannot afford dedicated hosting services. HostGator VPS (Virtual Private Server) is ideally the second logical step to take your professional blog or business to the next level.

Before reading further, you may check out this article to understand how exactly VPS hosting works.

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans

Host Gator VPS plans starts at as low as $15.96 per month. HostGator provides you with a wide variety of options to arrive at the best VPS plan that suites your requirements.

The following are the features available for all HostGator VPS plans.

  • Semi-Managed and Fully Managed VPS
  • Virtuzzo Power Panel and either cPanel or Plesk options
  • Two or more dedicated IP addresses as per your choice
  • Private Name Servers (See HostGator NameServers)
  • Host Unlimited domains-sub domains, unlimited email accounts, SQL Databases etc
  • Weekly offsite backups
  • 24×7 Award Winning HostGator Customer support via Phone, Email or Chat
  • …and a lot more

How to Choose your VPS Hosting Plan?

HostGator provides 9 levels of VPS Hosting plans level 1 being the most basic one. The following are our VPS tips to pick the right VPS hosting plan for your blog or website.

1. If you are NOT a Unix/Linux geek or sysadmin avoid semi-managed or unmanaged VPS plans. HostGator VPS Level 1 and Level 2 are semi-managed VPS plans.

2. If you are coming from cPanel Shared Hosting background, it is better to pick cPanel VPS Hosting than Plesk.

3. Do not worry too much about the diskspace provided by the package unless you are into some kind of movies and downloads hosting. Focus more on the RAM slice available with the plan.

4. Use the following thumb rule (not perfectly accurate) to pick the right VPS plan:

Upto 5000 visits a day: HostGator VPS Level 1 (Unmanaged and hence you need to optimize it)

5000-10000 visits a day: HostGator VPS Level 2 (Unmanaged and need optimization)

10000 visitors a day: HostGator VPS Level 3 Fully Managed

10000-20000 visitors a day: HostGator VPS Level 4 or preferably VPS Level 5

20000-30000 visitors a day: HostGator VPS Level 6 or preferably VPS Level 7

30000-50000 visitors a day: HostGator VPS Level 7 or preferably VPS Level 8

50000 visitors or more a day: HostGator VPS Level 9 or go for HostGator Dedicated Hosting if that doesn’t scale for the type of traffic your are having.

5. As much as possible, let the HostGator support people take care of transferring your domains, code and databases to the VPS plan. HostGator boast worldclass support.

Visit HostGator site to Compare VPS Hosting Plans

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