The primary reasons why I chose HostGator for all my hosting needs is its award winning customer support. For all your technical, sales, billing, transfers, server reboots or other support queries you have a number of ways to contact HostGator support – 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

HostGator Support Portal

The following link points to the HostGator customer support portal where you can find additional information on how to raise a HostGator support ticket.

HostGator Support portal

HostGator Support Contact Information

Use the following phone numbers, email addresses, chat URL, support forum link or Skype number to contact HostGator customer support.

HostGator support Phone number

Use the following phone numbers to contact the HostGator customer support.

Toll Free (US): (866) 96 – GATOR i.e. 866-964-2867
International: +1-713-574-5287

HostGator Chat support

This is what I use most of the time as an International HostGator customer. HostGator chat support is both quick and effective for all your technical, billing and sales queries. They have employed 100s of chat technicians to support your technical issues in no time.

You can access the chat support by clicking the link below:

HostGator Chat Live Support

HostGator Skype support

You can use Skype to contact HostGator as well. Just use the ‘Call Phones‘ tab and dial the following number.


HostGator support email

The following are the email addresses for all your support needs.

Technical support:
Server Reboots:
Domain Transfers:
Sales issues:
Billing issues:

Once you send an email to the above address, a support ticket will be automatically created. You can track the status of your ticket by visiting the following link:

HostGator support forum

HostGator forums are too good to get some support on various ‘How To’ and ‘FAQ’ topics related to your HostGator hosting account. You can log on to the support forum using your primary account login and password. The following is the link to access support forum.

HostGator Forums

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