In the welcome mail that you received from HostGator during sign up, usually there will be two name servers listed. HostGator nameservers are usually of the format (1234 is only indicative, replace it with your actual DNS server name as listed in your welcome mail).

If is your first DNS server, usually the second name server will be ns1235 (1 more than the first one) – i.e.

In order to get your website URL pointed to the HostGator hosted web files, you have to update your domain registy information with the provided domain name servers. For example, if you registered your domain with HostGator itself then, you have to visit and update your DNS servers by logging into your domain registry. If your domain name is registered with another registrar, you must update DNS server details with them.

HostGator Private NameServers

While the HostGator Shared Hosting plans has to use the domain nameservers provided by HostGator, the superior accounts (SEO, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated hosting etc) can have private name servers (or and Private DNS servers give your hosted business a more professional look.

The first private domain server IP address for your HostGator account – other than shared hosting – will be your fixed IP address that is provided in your welcome mail itself.

i.e. if is assigned an IP address of then that IP address is same as your first name server. Or is in this example.

Your second domain nameserver will be one more than the first or in other words is

Once you have these private domain name servers available, you have to update this information with your registrar. If you are not sure how to go about it, you may please contact the HostGator support – either via chat, email or phone.

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