If you are already a HostGator Customer, in order to Login to your HostGator Control panel, please follow the instructions below depending on your hosting package.

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(a) HostGator Login for Shared Hosting (i.e. Hatchling, Baby or Business) Packages

1. New HostGator Customers

If you have signed up with HostGator very recently, you must have got a Welcome mail from HostGator which contains an IP Address of your hosting server. To access your Shared hosting control panel (cPanel) just browse the following URL in your web browser.


For example, if your host server IP Address mentioned in the welcome mail is, then your cPanel login address will be

An alternate HostGator cPanel login format is using direct reference to your host server name as in,


(Just replace 123 with the server number mentioned in your welcome mail)

The username and password to login to your cPanel is mentioned in your welcome mail.

2. Existing HostGator Customers

If you are an existing HostGator customer and you have your domain running on your server already, then you can login to your HostGator control panel using the following URL.


The above method will work only after your DNS servers are updated with your domain registrar. If your DNS servers are still being replicated, you have to use cPanel URLs mentioned in (1)

Please note that even if you have several domains (i.e. addon domains) hosted under one shared hosting account, there’s only one cPanel instance. In other words, http://YourFirstDomain.com/cpanel and http://YourOtherDomain.com/cpanel would point you to the same cPanel. In other words you can log in to your cPanel using any of the domain names that you are hosted on HostGator.

(b) Reseller, SEO, VPS with cPanel and Linux dedicated Plans

For these plans, you get to log into Web Host Manager (WHM) using the following URLs.




If you happen to run out of your bandwidth or you have recently purchased your hosting package, please use the following URL to login to your WHM.


(Just replace YourIPAddress with your host server IP address that is mentioned in your welcome mail)

(c) VPS with Plesk, Windows Shared and Windows Dedicated Plans

HostGator Windows Hosting Plans and VPS with Plesk will login to Plesk. Please use the following URLs to access Plesk.


Replace ‘YourServerIPAddress’ with the IP Address communicated in your welcome mail.

For secure Plesk login please use a different port as mentioned below:


Once your DNS propagation is complete, you can actually replace YourServerIPAddress with YourDomain.com.

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