This article explains how can you transfer domain name to HostGator or move your HostGator domain to another registrar or Hosting service.

How can I transfer my Domain name to HostGator?

1. Go to

2. Under the Transfer A Domain Name section, enter the domain name to be transferred and click “Transfer” button.

3. Complete the domain transfer form and click “Purchase” button to complete the credit card payment procedure.

Please note that you can still have your domain name registered with your old registrar but host it with HostGator by just changing the DNS server settings with your old registrar. In this case you don’t need to pay for anything towards the domain registration/transfer cost. The process of setting up an addon domain name will be explained in another article on this website.

Transferring from eNom to HostGator requires a different process. In this case you have to perform a domain push. Just login to your eNom account and click the link called Push a Domain and enter the domain name you wish to push in the first field. Enter “Abused1″ in the second field and click on “Submit“.

How to transfer a Domain name to another Host?

It’s rare that people want to move away from HostGator to another service. However, due to the case of a domain name sale or something like that, if you want to move to another host, please do the following:

1. Login to

2. Make sure that you have filled in all fields in your Contact Information – i.e. Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Auxiliary Billing Contact. If any information is missing edit the same.

3. Edit the Domain Settings and set ‘YES‘ to Allow Transfer.

4. Next, send an email to to request the EPP Code for your domain to be transferred.

Once you get a mail reply from the HostGator sales team with the EPP code, you can send that information to the purchaser of your domain name so that he can request a transfer. If it is you who is transferring the domain name to another registrar, you have to request the transfer yourself. From that point all that you have to do is to approve the transfer by clicking a link in the mail that you would receive on your registered email address with HostGator/domains.

Please note that domain transfers can take up to 5 or 7 days.

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