Your HostGator Shared Hosting (except Hatchling), VPS, Reseller or Dedicated hosting accounts allow you to add any number of Addon Domains to a single HostGator account. Unlimited addon domains and unlimited sub-domains is one of the cool features of HostGator Hosting.

What is an Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a domain that can be created from within your HostGator control panel and work just like your primary domain (with which you signed up).

For example, if you opened your HostGator account with and in the future you want to purchase more domains (e.g. and, you can host them all under a single HostGator account. In this example, and are addon domains.

An addon domain will appear and behave like a totally independent domain from your primary domain. For the outside world each of these addon domains look totally standalone though internally they are treated like Sub Domains.

What is a Sub Domain?

A Sub Domain is a logical part of a large domain. Sub domains are used to logically organize your website content.

For example, or etc are sub domains of your main domain which is

In your HostGator account, there is not much difference between addon Domains and Sub domains. Internally both are organized as different folders in the file system. i.e. An addon domain like will be hosted in a different folder than your main domain domain so will be the case with a sub domain as well.

Another difference is that Sub domains need no registration but Addon domains are actually registered with a registrar and hosted under your main domain name. Please also note that one single cPanel instance will be used to manage all your domain names – be it addon domains, main domain or sub domains.

We shall talk about hosting Addon Domains or Sub domains in another article. It is a lot simpler than you think and you can hardly ever make any mistake.

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