Your HostGator cPanel Webmail Login screen is accessed via the following URLs.


The above cPanel Web mail URL will work for any number of your domain names hosted under your HostGator shared hosting account. Just replace with your actual domain name.

The cPanel Webmail Port number is usually 2095. And hence, the following URL will also lead you to the same Webmail login screen.


For new HostGator accounts, please note that the above URLs will work only after your domain name propagation is completed. This usually takes up to 48 hours after you have changed your DNS server details with your domain registration service.

The email addresses and password to login to your cPanel webmail is as per your setting done via cPanel Email Setup.

HostGator cPanel provides you with three different free Webmail clients options. They are, horde, SquirrelMail and roundcube. cPanel Webmail feature allows you to access your own domain email accounts from anywhere in the world.


Tip: If you want to access secure webmail, you have to use the following format:

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