Blogging is not only a great hobby but also a huge opportunity for income generation via advertisement, affiliate product marketing etc. WordPress is the World’s leading Blogging Platform and HostGator, undoubtedly, is the Best Hosting Service to run your Blog. In this tutorial, let us see How to make your blog on HostGator in less than 10 minutes!

THREE Steps to Create Your Blog on HostGator

Creating a blog is no rocket science and you can get started with your blogging on Hostgator today itself if you wish to do so. Here are the step-by-step and screen by screen instructions to become a Proud Blog owner today!

STEP 1: Register Your Domain Name

The very first step in creating your blog is to pick its identity or the Domain name. For example, if your name is Amy and you want to start a blog on Food and cooking, the following domain names may be good for you.

Note: A .COM domain name is better than .NET or .ORG for anything else. Also, avoid names with dashes in them. E.g. is not recommended

When it comes to entry level Shared Hosting solutions, it’s common to compare between HostGator and Go Daddy’s services. Let us find out which shared hosting is better and why?

We have used at least four hosting services before hosting all our sites (including this one) on HostGator. The following are some of the reasons why picked HostGator ahead of GoDaddy and others.

Uptime: Most hosting services offer 99.9% uptime and this is more or less true in the case of both HostGator and GoDaddy

Site Load Time: We saw that GoDaddy servers (especially Databases) lag a bit more than HostGator and clearly HostGator is the winner here.

cPanel vs Custom Control Panel: One of the biggest reason to go for HostGator is their cPanel frontend that makes managing your website(s) a breeze. GoDaddy on the other hand uses their custom control panel. Since most of the hosting industry uses the cPanel, if you switch between hosts, it makes things easier with cPanel.

HostGator Website Templates (FREE) are one of the many advantages of having a HostGator web hosting account.

You have all those beautiful HostGator Templates at your disposal via HostGator cPanel Login access or directly via the following URL.

At the moment, there are about 4500 Templates available at the Free HostGator Template store. That means, whatever be the purpose or topic of your website, there are several templates available out there just for you.

HostGator Site Builder

hostgator site builder